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Our Integrated Platform delivers transparency and an efficient process for companies to access capital from investors who are actively seeking fully vetted unique opportunities of the highest quality.

Strategic Direct Investing Solutions - Bonaventure Equity, LLC (“BVE”) is a boutique, fully integrated direct investing advisory firm. We believe that success is earned and that exceptional value is created by challenging the status quo in parallel with deep experience and technical expertise. In partnership with, and on behalf of, private investors and family offices, BVE advises and invests in leading private companies and real estate across a broad spectrum of industries.

Entrepreneurial Finance - We believe that building and extracting value though private enterprise is the single greatest pathway to creating wealth. Our innovative model evolved as a platform for investors to deploy capital more intelligently, mitigate risk and achieve extraordinary returns, and for owners and operators to efficiently access private capital. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and build lasting financial partnerships to accelerate growth and build and extract value.

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The innovations and emerging blockchain industry is spurring rapid growth and new businesses leveraging the wave of new opportunities succeeding in the industry.

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As part of our Financing Cannabis Series, the leading operators, investment bankers, active investors, regulatory experts and attorneys will convene to discuss opportunities in the expanding cannabis industry.

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As part of our Financing Cannabis Series, the leading operators, investment bankers, active investors, regulatory experts and attorneys will convene to discuss opportunities in the expanding cannabis industry.

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Integrated Direct Investing

Our team of professionals and advisors has extensive experience in managing, advising and educating family offices and investors. We have extensive transactional experience working directly with entrepreneurial business owners and our diverse background of managing complex transactions, many times as a capital partner, gives us a unique perspective on the direct investing opportunity set.

We believe in building and extracting value through disciplined investment strategies, transactional rigor and offer a variety of proprietary monitoring and reporting solutions. We are entrepreneurs ourselves and focused on practical advice gained from operating within multiple generational family offices as trusted confidential advisors. We have developed a unique and disciplined approach maximizing our key expertise in Private Equity, Investment Banking, and operationally focused management consulting.

We are always identifying driven, high-integrity, entrepreneurs in need of capital and strategic support to reach new levels of growth. As business owners first and investors second, our focus goes far beyond generating quick returns. Our unique platform allows us to properly align priorities with the entrepreneur who understands growing a business is a long-term commitment. We’ve successfully made that commitment in healthcare, consumer retail, transportation/logistics, oil & gas, and software among others.

Quality, Transparency, Execution

Our aim is to at once demystify securing equity partners for great operating teams and provide an alternative to traditional funds. We are best suited for companies that are too advanced, or outside of the parameters for VC funds, or not yet mature enough, or ready for, institutional private equity buyouts. Our key innovation, is in our ability to professionalize private companies, develop win-win structures and solutions that activate capital from true equity partners.

Why Entrepreneurs Partner with BVE:
  • True partner aligning the entrepreneur with capital
  • Ensuring alignment of interests and objectives with investors
  • Reduced upfront expense and time
  • More flexibility in terms that are friendlier to entrepreneurs
  • Patient and flexible in timing and type of exit strategies
  • Full transparency to the process and structure
  • One investor on the company cap table (BVE holding company)
  • Access to advisory team expertise to manage the investment process
Why Investors Engage Through Our Platform:
  • Co-investing with other syndicated investors
  • Access to off market, proprietary deals
  • Fully vetted, due diligence and exclusive structured deals
  • Full transparency and optionality to participate only in the opportunities that are of most interest
  • Institutional quality process, reporting, oversight and investor relations
  • Variety of parameters to generate investment returns and adjust investment thesis
  • Reduced fees compared to traditional funds
  • Access, and visibility to direct “off market” opportunities


Ross O'Brien

Founder & CEO

Bryson A. Nobles

Origination, Entrepreneur in Residence

Tara Melby

Marketing & Events

John O'Brien


Greg Shugar


Jason Brown



Recapping an outstanding turnout from two event in April discussing both Cannabis investing and Risk Management.

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Includes Expert Q&A, Gary Colbert of financial consulting firm, nPerspective.

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Hisham Elhaddad, HOF Capital, honored with Top Innovator award from BVE founder Ross O'Brien.

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Includes Unwrapping the New Administration: Roundtable at Mar-a-Lago summary and BVE in the news.

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Includes Expert Q&A with Stephen Barnett of WhiteKnight Solutions.

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We are distinct in our approach and only offer our services when we are certain to be a value-add to a client.

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Includes Direct Investing: Where to Begin?

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Includes Expert Q&A with Joe Chase, Shareholder, Gunster

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Entrepreneurs and investment bankers talked about the challenges and triumphs of growing companies during a seminar presented by Bonaventure Equity in West Palm Beach.

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